CEO of CyberStair

The CyberStair were Founded by Siddhant gour..

CEO of CyberStair

Mr. Siddhant gour is currently the C E O of your organization . Siddhant gour is Currently student of Computer Science and

Information Technology. That we all knows CyberStair were founded by him on 2nd April 2016. when he was firstly started

the organization he was of just 16 years of age. He studied in 12th during this time..


 CEO of CyberStair

Siddhant gour Have special skill in hacking and all other cyber stuff he wanted to make money online by sharing his

knowledge about computers and Information technology.

He is super interested in every thing with which related to computers . Computer is siddhant gour’s First love and internet is second…

he is almost crazy to spend time on his Desktop and leaning about he thinks.

CEO of CyberStair

from the beginning of his career in blogging and youtubing he is very popular between their school mates for

his awesome knowledge of  computers and other cyber staffs.

Siddhant gour‘s passion to learn cyber stuff leads him to next level

of computer And world of ITs .. He believe in deep knowledge of not just the basics fundamental of computer but in advance level of the

Super operating skill…CEO of CyberStair

Behind The word CyberStair …

C E O and the founder of CyberStair Mr. Siddhant gour chosen the world cyberStair.. behind all this Siddhant gour have a

logic full reason . The word  CyberStair is made by combination of two different word… Cyber and Stair..

where the word Cyber means the virtualism or computerism ….and Stair means to move up side from the deepness …

Siddhant gour wanted to learn the Cyber stuffs. From its Deepness

that’s why he named to the organization as CyberStair 



CEO of CyberStair siddhant gour

Siddhant gour want to move his skill into advance level and he decided to learn about hacking , game programming , Graphics art,

and lots of thing all related Computers and Information Technology… he continued his journey to being a professional hacker ….

Siddhant gour Manage the all activity on Cyberstair. he is the official leader of  organization called CyberSatir..